Molly Welton


Submitted by Molly Welton

Monterrey Mexico 2010

One of my favorite parts of this trip was the people we encountered in Mexico. Even though I do not speak much Spanish, which made it a little difficult to communicate, we still were able to connect with them. One day we went into a very poor area called The Ant Hill. We took food and water to some of the poor families there. The people were very happy to see us, but it was not just the food they were happy about. They were eager to talk to us and, especially the little kids, to play with us. We played a game with one little boy in which we used a shovel to throw a soccer ball to him. He was so excited as soon as he saw us coming he ran to get the shovel. These people had unbelievable living circumstances. The houses were one or two rooms which sometimes did not have floors, just dirt, and most of their possessions were just out in the yard. While they had very little possessions, these people had just as much happiness, if not more, as the people that I see everyday. It was hard to look at their circumstances and not feel sorry for them and better than them in some way; but I do not think that was the case. Nothing makes me any better than them, just different circumstances. Sometimes it is easy to forget this. They are people just the same as us. One of the people who took us there told us that it was important that we shake their hands and touch them. That is important in their culture and makes them feel accepted. The food we brought them was important for them to live, but by accepting them and loving them as equals we helped them to feel like they are important and their lives have meaning to someone. I think this is something I need to remember in my everyday life, sometimes it is easy to ignore people and treat others like they do not matter as much, but it does some good to take some time to show them that someone cares and they matter.

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